The City of Orinda is the first residential development on Highway 24 on the east side of the Caldecott Tunnel. Highway 24 bisects Orinda with the Crossroads business district to the south and The Village business district to the north. Orinda lies on portions of the Rancho de Laguna de los Palos Colorados and the Rancho El Sobrante, which were Mexican land grants to the Moraga and Castro families. In the 1920’s when about 1,200 acres were designated the town site of Orinda, city people began building summer homes in the wooded hillsides. It was only when the Caldecott Tunnel to Oakland, about eight miles away, was completed in 1937 the area began to develop. Today Orinda offers gracious country style living to San Francisco and Oakland commuters who enjoy it's more rural setting.

Click on our interactive community map below to explore Orinda's neighborhoods, schools, parks, churches and swim clubs.


Orinda can best be described by highlighting seven neighborhood areas within our community. Each neighborhood is made up several communities that represent the best of Orinda while having its own distinctive characteristic and charm.

Sleepy Hollow / Orinda Downs

Located north of Highway 24, east of Camino Pablo and north of Miner Rd, Sleepy Hollow and Orinda Downs are known for prestigious homes on large lots but there are also smaller homes on quaint streets. Most homes have a gentle slope on wider streets. Neighborhood children primarily attend Sleepy Hollow Elementary and during the summer months spend many days at Sleepy Hollow Swim & Tennis Club or Orinda Country Club.

Charles Hill / country club

South of Sleepy Hollow and Orinda Downs and south of Miner Rd, the Charles Hill and Country Club neighborhoods begin just east of Orinda's business district north of Highway 24 and extend west to the boarder of Lafayette. Charles Hill and Country Club are known for their amazing views, rolling hills and easy access to BART and commute access points.

Glorietta / overhill

South of Highway 24, East of Moraga Way and north of both Glorietta Blvd and Rheem Blvd are the Glorietta and Overhill neighborhoods known for their close knit community, easy access to Downtown Orinda and centralized between Lafayette and Moraga. Glorietta Elementary and Meadow Swim & Tennis Club are centrally located and foundations of the area.

El ToyonaL / claremont

El Toyonal and Claremont are a short drive from Downtown Orinda and located north of Highway 24 and west of Camino Pablo. The neighborhood is known for it's picturesque views of the surrounding area. Wagner Ranch is the neighborhood elementary school and is located adjacent to Orinda Sports Fields just off of Camino Pablo. Downtown Orinda and commute access is just a short drive away.

Alice / Ivy Drive

East of Moraga Way and south of Glorietta Blvd and Rheem Blvd are the Alice and Ivy Drive neighborhoods. Known for their rolling hills and more traditional ranch style homes, neighborhood children attend either Glorietta Elementary or Del Ray Elementary. This neighborhood is adjacent to the backside of the Lafayette Reservoir where families enjoy the many trails and picnic areas. 

Knickerbocker / Lost Valley / Del ray

Upon exiting Highway 24 and heading south on Moraga Way are the neighborhoods of Knickerbocker, Lost Valley and Del Ray to the west. Knickerbocker is adjacent to Downtown Orinda and well known Lost Valley streets are Crestview, Valley View and Lost Valley Drive. The Del Ray neighborhood is adjacent to the City of Moraga and at southwestern tip of Orinda. Usually children in Knickerbocker attend Wagner Ranch Elementary while children in Lost Valley and Del Ray attend Del Ray Elementary.


A primary reason families move to Orinda is the continuous top-rated, award-winning schools. Orinda's schools are the bedrock of it's family oriented community. A summary of the schools are below and a copy of the Orinda public school boundary map can be found here. Click on the interactive map above to view the location of pre-schools as well as public and private K-12 schools.


There are four public elementary schools in Orinda. Sleepy Hollow Elementary services most of Sleepy Hollow as well as Orinda Downs, Orinda View, Charles Hill and Sundown Terrace. El Toyonal, Claremont, Knickbocker and the Country Club neighborhoods feed into Wagner Ranch Elementary. Glorietta Elementary primarily services Overhill, Glorietta and parts of Alice. Del Ray Elementary is dedicated to Alice, Lost Valley and Del Ray neighborhoods.


Orinda Intermediate School serves grades 6-8 and is Orinda's only middle school. Orinda Intermediate is located just off of Moraga Way on Ivy Drive.


Miramonte High School is the only high school in Orinda and is located off of Moraga Way on the boarder of Moraga.