Introducing Compass Concierge

Introducing Compass Concierge

We all know that the key to maximizing your return on the sale of your home is ensuring it looks it’s best. Frequently getting your home to look its best requires home improvements to prepare your home for what today’s buyer is looking for. The challenge comes in how to finance the cost of these home improvements and finding qualified contractors available to do the work. We have the solution. Compass recently launched an industry leading Concierge program that fronts the cost of your home-selling improvements.

Being Neighborly

We hope everyone is enjoying the warm sunshine and much needed break from the rain. We recently listed a home and naturally during the first open house many neighbors come to check it out. They are curious about the floor plan, updates and how their home compares. We love it when neighbors come to visit homes we hold open. Neighbors show potential buyers that this is a neighborhood where people take pride in ownership and care about their real estate investment.

Neighbors are invested in the sale as it provides a data point for how much their home is worth. For some, it is important because it provides a basis to determine the equity they have in their home or if it is a good time to sell. The condition, fixtures, square footage, lot size of recent sold homes helps realtors, appraisers and buyers determine a home’s value.

Buyers are investing in a neighborhood and not just a home so there are some important things you can do to help your neighbor in selling their home and ultimately yourself. The most important thing you can do is help ensure your neighborhood shines as bright as possible. Keep your yard tidy and pull garbage bins off the street. If you have animals be conscious of open house times and schedules and keep animals inside. Sellers have an obligation to disclose a loud barking dog or a failing fence. Neighbors just need to seem well, neighborly. It might even provide you with a good excuse to trim back your hedge or tidy your yard up a bit. The bottom line is a successful sale benefits everyone and lifts all neighborhood home values. We look forward to hearing from you with your real estate questions. Erin – 925.951.3817; Darrick - 925.900.8218