Vote Yes on C

As Lafayette home owners we know that maintaining our property only protects and preserves our investment and prevents further damage.  Although this is a given, when was the last time you crawled under your house to check to see if it is dry or peaked in the attic to make sure that there are not any pesky critters sleeping, eating and wreaking havoc?  I know that general maintenance often gets overlooked in my household, not because we don’t think it is important but because we didn’t check under the hood to see if we needed more oil.  

We have not checked “under the hood” of our award winning schools – which we all benefit from whether it be increased property values or happy, healthy and well educated kids.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear from buyers – “We want to live in Lafayette because the schools have such a stellar reputation.” Our five schools, Lafayette Elementary, Happy Valley Elementary, Springhill Elementary, Burton Valley Elementary and Stanley Intermediate are now 50-70 years old and only one of the five schools received upgrades over 16 years ago. The physical state of our schools does not reflect the quality of education that our children receive.  

We are fortunate to have teachers, administrators and parent volunteers who have dedicated their precious time to bring to our attention the desperate need to repair/replace leaky roofs, deteriorated plumbing, HVAC, lighting and electrical systems. Measure C will also upgrade technology infrastructure to keep pace with 21st century learning, modernize outdated classrooms, labs and equipment. We can no longer ignore enrollment growth and instructional needs – Measure C will construct modern, flexible classrooms at Stanley Middle School and reconfigure or construct classrooms on the districts four elementary school sites.  School safety items will be addressed such as play equipment and pick up drop off zones.

Measure C will cost Lafayette home owners $29.50 per year for every $100,000 of assessed value – not the market value of your home.  Assessed value is the taxable value of your home and business and will vary greatly based on when you purchased your home.  The good news is that all funds will stay local and no funds can be spent on administrator’s salaries, benefits or pensions.  

You can learn more about Measure C online –  Please take the time to go online offer your support and vote yes for Measure C by absentee ballot or at the polls on June 7th. Our home values depend on our schools.  

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