Remodel Trends: Bathrooms

For those of you thinking about updating or remodeling a bathroom I want to share the current trends.

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls in bathrooms are horizontal wood planks with overlapping joints. This overlap creates the visual lines that break up the traditional bath walls.  This trend is extremely popular and dresses up any bathroom.

Free Standing Tubs

Free standing tubs are increasingly more popular than the traditional corner built-in tubs. A free standing tub provides a unique look with shapes and sizes to fit any style that becomes a piece of furniture in your bathroom. 


 Navy Vanities

While an all white bathroom will always be in style, navy vanities offer a stylish alternative to the white or grey vanities that have been so popular over the last ten years. Gold fixtures are also making a comeback and make a bold statement with dark navy cabinets.

 Showers Without Borders

The open floor plan which originated in kitchens and family rooms, can now be seen in bathrooms with showers that only have one glass panel. A single piece of shower glass gives a more open feel and provides a clean look.

 Natural Styles

Wood floors and vanities offer a more natural look and are an alternative to tile and stone. 

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