Talking Trash

The spring market is here and buyers and sellers are packing up and moving in and out. Which bring us to talking trash. The number of boxes and packing material that it takes to move is mind boggling not to mention all of the trash that we accumulate over the years that we purge during a move. China has stopped importing 24 types of trash as of January 2018, and it's caused a panic as to where to send all the trash we create on a daily basis. More than 8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year.

This brings us to how can we help buyers and sellers cut down on trash created during a move. We recommend using a re-usable plastic bin borrowing service like or You rent plastic bins/boxes for your move, fill them up, move, empty them out, and then they are collected to be re-used. We also recommend if you must use boxes please pass them forward. Call your realtor so they can arrange for the boxes to be recycled or post on Nextdoor or any social media platform - there is always someone in need of moving supplies. We are personally looking for more ways to reduce trash and are hopeful that as a community we can do better to keep trash out of our oceans.

Changing gears, the spring market is off to a great start. For the twelve months ending March 31st, Lamorinda sales price per square foot for detached single family homes is up 5.2% compared to the prior twelve months. Breaking Lamorinda down further, Lafayette is up 9.2%, Moraga 4.3% and Orinda 1.6%. In addition, for the same period for Lamorinda average days on market is down 5.0% to only 26 days. The potential fear that some economists had that the new tax plan will negatively impact our real estate market does not appear to be coming true. For a more comprehensive analysis please see our quarterly market update on our website at

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