General House Keeping Items

Over the holiday break a large oak tree fell and hit our garage during a windy night.  Fortunately no one was hurt but we were reminded how important it is to stay on top of general property maintenance issues. It is important to check on the overall health of any trees in your yard - even if they look healthy. Keep tree limbs trimmed back that are close to your home to avoid pest issues.  It is also essential to have a pest inspector come regularly to identify any issues that could lead to expensive repairs over time. With winter here and critters looking for warm dry places to hide we have received a couple calls requesting vendors who can help with ongoing rodent issues. Unfortunately keeping rats and mice from sneaking into the attic or under the house is an ongoing challenge.  If you are struggling with this issue the first step is to call Contra Costa County Vector Control and an inspector will come out at no cost to survey your home and find access points.  Once these areas are identified a contractor or handyman can seal problematic areas.

Finally make sure your gutters are clear, drainage is intact and functioning properly, and the crawl space below your home remains dry, and windows and doors are sealed to prevent dry-rot and leaks. Also, if you have not done so already now is a good time check on an aged roof that might have leaked during the last several rains. Keeping up with regular maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive repairs or challenging disclosures when it comes time to sell your home.

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