Summer Market

So many sellers that we meet seem genuinely surprised that Summer is not the best time to sell your home that we felt it was worth writing about. Many sellers have shared that they always believed Summer was prime selling season. We push clients to prep and sell before summer break for a multitude of reasons. Motivated and educated buyers know that school enrollment is early spring in Lamorinda and if a buyer wants to enroll in the designated neighborhood school, they need to be the early bird. In the Spring grasses are greener, flowers are blooming and are not exposed to the intense sun in the Summer months. Also, buyers often receive their end of year bonus in December and the anxious buyers find a home before Summer rolls around.

Families who live in Oakland or San Francisco who are looking to buy in Lamorinda commit to private school if they have not found a home by the time Summer rolls around.  Not to mention when school gets out many families leave for vacation and are resigned that they will wait until the Fall or another year to move.

 What does this mean if you need to sell your home in the summer? Pricing is everything. With the motivated buyers either locked down in a new home or resigned to waiting another year it is paramount that potential buyers get off the fence because they feel there is value and an opportunity that they can’t pass up. There are buyers who continue to look through the end of the year, but they are the ones that want to make sure the value is there.

 Homes that look perfect and are tailored to the tastes of the young buyer continue to demand a premium year-round. We look forward to hearing from you with your real estate questions. Erin 925.951.3817; Darrick 925.900.2818