Remodel Considerations

Before embarking on an extensive remodel our clients often ask us what considerations they should keep in mind that will maximize the value of their home. While each home is unique the below design characteristics consistently demand a premium with today’s homebuyer. Adding or maintaining a fourth bedroom is crucial for families who have three kids or who need a designated guest room that can flex as a home office. Buyers continue to desire a more continuous floor plan with raised ceilings where transitions from the kitchen to living spaces feel seamless. While the open floor plan is what all buyers want, they also are looking for two entertaining spaces - in other words a separate space where kids can play or recreate away from adults. The location of the kitchen within sight of the backyard so small children can be seen and heard is extremely desirable. In addition, buyers love indoor/outdoor living space that transitions from the house to the backyard and provides a level of shade for entertaining. Incorporating this space with the open floor plan concept allows for a seamless transition to the yard. Today’s buyer is looking for a cleaner brighter look. Shades of white and light colors used consistently throughout are extremely popular. We look forward to hearing from you with your real estate questions. Erin: 925.951.3817; Darrick 925.900.8218