Heading Into Fall

As we head into October, this is the time of year we describe as “now or never” or at least “not until next year.” When talking to clients who are considering selling after school is back in session, we describe September and October as the last window in the year to get a home prepped and sold. Once November hits buyers are distracted by the Holidays and many consider waiting until next year after they pocket their year-end bonus. Buyers and sellers do not want to be unsettled, potentially looking for a rental or looking to buy in late November or December when there are even fewer options available. The weather has been holding which is key to a successful Fall market and there continues to be many buyers looking to purchase a home before settling down for the Holiday season. We continue to see homes that are remodeled and prepped to appeal to younger buyers fly off the market. Compass Concierge, an interest free loan to cover costs for prepping your home for sale, has been extremely successful for our sellers. Under the program, Compass fronts the cost of repairs and gets reimbursed at close when the home sells. We also routinely help clients with repair work as we are also licensed contractors.


With consistently over $100 million annual transactions, $1 billion lifetime transactions the Martin Homes Team is your go-to team for all things Lamorinda Real Estate. With four generations in Lafayette, and also licensed general contractors, they provide unparalleled customer service, preparation, and transparency throughout the entire buying or selling process.